A fun romp around the house

I've got one more thing to share with y'all. Last weekend, Gabby was upstairs and had her milk and sunglasses. She asked us to go up there and help her down. She confuses some pronouns, and when she wants to be carried, she says, "I carry you." It is so cute. Anyway, we told her to go ahead and come down by herself, and be careful. We didn't think she'd be able to carry both the milk and the shades with her, as she desceneded the stairs. Let me tell you, I was more than overcome with laughter when she came down the stairs looking like she did. It's the first picture in the web album below.

Later that day, I was tasked with getting her dressed for the playground (a favorite destination). Halfway through, I decided that she was ready to go...to the barnyard that is. That's the rest of the pictures.

Click on the picture to open the photo album. Enjoy!

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