Ultrasound Update

So...we had our 20 week ultrasound last Tuesday. Unfortunately, BabyCenter no longer gives us vegetables as a fun size guideline, but as of the ultrasound, the fetus was estimated to weigh about 13 oz according to measurements, and according to BabyCenter, as of this Wednesday, when we hit 22 weeks, the fetus is estimated to be about 10.9 inches long!

Everything looked great in the ultrasound, and we even got to see some jaw-movement that looked like talking, some kicking and stretching, and some waving. We also got about 10 minutes of the ultrasound on video! We told the ultrasound tech that we didn't want to know the gender, so at the end, she asked us to close our eyes for a minute, while she looked in that area. She said everything looked good, but she didn't reveal the secret; however, she forgot to shut of the VCR, so we do have some video of the gender review. She said it wasn't a good angle, and it's not obvious even if we did see it, but so far we've held out and have only been slightly tempted to watch that last minute of the video! It's strange having that temptation in the house!

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