Why was last night different from all other nights?

Basia, Gabby, and our Seder

G smiling for the Camera. She doesn't know about the maror yet!

Daddy, tell me about when we came forth from Egypt...

M is for Matzo Ball soup!

Doing my best to teach her about the symbolic meaning of the festivities.

Today, I read an interesting post on Penelope Trunk's blog and it got me to thinking about our seder.

Last night, my beautiful and resourceful wife prepared a festive seder for our family. With a toddler and an infant, she braved the aisles in search of the necessary ingredients, and cooked not only our seder food, but food for the next morning and evening meals too. Basia is my hero queen.

Anyway, last night was not only different because we had the seder, but it was also the first night in recent history that I did not check email or turn on the computer after I got home. My mind was clear and focused on the family and the fun. It was nice. Real nice.

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