Day 3 in the Hospital

We've been here for only a few days, but I feel like it's been a long long time. We've been through so much is three very very very long days. The days have truly blurred. We've been with about 20 nurses (no exaggeration), some named, some nameless. Been updated on stats and status countless time about countless things. And have been given a more than expected amount of conflicting information and advice.

With all that said, we are very grateful for the health of our babies. And I am grateful for all the breastfeeding practice Gabby and Ellie have given Basia in order to prepare for the twins. Basia is doing great. Feeding in tandem, pumping for supplements. I am very proud.

Ok enough of the reflective stuff...here's what you came for... more pictures and video. Enjoy!! Click the slideshow to access the web album.

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