We're Home

Well, we finally got discharged from the hospital at 3PM yesterday, and it's been quite a whirlwind ever since. We got home, unpacked the babies and our bags, then it was time for Joe to pick Gabby and Ellie up from daycare. The big sisters were very excited to see Maggie and Ben again, but Ellie was maybe a bit too eager, given that she's come down with a summer cold, with a very runny nose and nasty cough. Not great for sharing with your newborn preemie baby sister and brother. So...we did our best to temper her enthusiasm, for the time being, until she's back to 100%.

The big girls did well last night with the minor adjustments to their routine. For example, Mommy couldn't walk up the stairs to tuck them in, so we read stories downstairs on the couch, (until Maggie was wailing so loud, that her cries for feeding could no longer be ignored. For such a little munchkin, Maggie's got quite a set of lungs)!

The big girls slept through the night, but the babies apparently aren't quite acclimated to their new environment yet. We're hoping that Maggie's attempts to prove to us that she has colic will be unfounded after a few more nights, but last night was a rough one. Ben's a bit quieter, and calmed a bit sooner, but the 8PM -1AM stretch, was no picnic, and I'm pretty sure that Gabby and Ellie were the only people that got any sleep during that 5 hour period! After 1AM, we did better, thankfully.

Right now Joe's taking the babies on their first stroll. They were a bit jaundiced when we were discharged yesterday (although totally in the safe zone), so our pedi advised some time outside in the mornings, with some indirect sunlight, to help with that.

Tomorrow we head back to the pediatrician (and to the lactation consultant) for our first post-hospital doctor visit. Today, we're just trying to unpack, and figure out some sort of semblance of a routine! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and congratulations!


Slaughter Fam CEO said...

so glad you guys are home and settling in. thanks for posting all of the pictures - we love seeing them!

Meredith said...

I hope things are shaking out a little over there. At least enough to get an hour or two of sleep!