Reunited, and it feels so good

From Maggie & Ben are Born

Maggie came out of the NICU today. Freedom at last. Having her in the room means we save an hour every 3hours with tandem feeding. Yay! Plus the twins get to share a bassinet. Bonus.


Oh_mama said...

Congrats, Cohens! Maggie & Ben are adorable! So glad to hear everyone is doing well. Enjoy your new additions!

Slaughter Fam CEO said...

Yea! They look so cute all wrapped up together!

Cynthia said...

Great to see and know they are
together. So happy you now have
more time for both little darlings.
kisses from afar...

Linda said...

Congrats Joe and Basia and of course 2 great big sisters!!!!

Joe, I have never seen anyone keep up with a blog like you have and I think it's awesome. The kids are going to love being able to look back at this when they get older.

Good job, the babies are beautiful!

Linda Capo