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Hey everyone. Take a gander at the sidebar on the left side of your screen. You'll see that I've added a list of links to Gabby's friends. Enjoy...

Now about G. The last two evenings I've taken charge of our hero, and successfully soothed her while B had a nice and well-deserved break. I noticed that Gabby's friend Martin was being held on his side and facing out, so I tried carrying g'rose that way too. Guess what? I think she likes it.

This morning, I gently placed G on our dresser lying down and facing her own reflection. She started looking at me in the mirror, but eventually found herself. After a little bit she got all wild and crazy - did her "gabby-dance" and rolled away.

Gabby-dance: A frantic almost manic attempt at taking flight. Arms shake in a vibratory manner, shifting inertia to torso and eventually the legs - which flutter in a mix of bicycle kicks and leg extensions... a true classic.

I'll post pictures later.

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