Going for a stroll, getting crabby, and "what's up with that hair?"

Good day, y'all.

Since I last reported on our lil peach, she's had a bit of activity. On Friday, B thought it might be nice to take g.rose for a stroll. It was a little cold outside, so bundling up was a necessary task. See the friday's pictures for some cute bundling and unbundling photos.

She was uncharacteristically crabby on Saturday morning, as I had the pleasure of flying solo with my little girl. B left around 9:45, and Gabby excersized her lungs for 45 min. I tried to calm the smunchkin by feeding her, rocking her, slinging her, swinging her, changing her diaper, changing her clothes, shooshing her, and anything else I could think of. After 45 min, she got tired and decided to give me a 20 min break - as she slept. I think she was missing her mommy.

Later on Saturday, G enjoyed a nice visit from Rob & Magda, and Scott & Abby. Gabby really took a liking to Rob - like they always say, "chicks dig robby G." Check out the googly eyes she's making at him!

One last note on Gabby's fine do. I decided to see if her spikes were a permanent challenge to societal conformity, or if I could somehow challenge her stance. With brush and damp washcloth in hand - I went at it. Lo and behold - her stance remains strong. She is devoted to challenging authority and challenging the world. Her spikes remained aloft!


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Robby G said...

it just goes to show that i am irresistible!! ;)

Magda and I had a wonderful time meeting Gabby and I hope we will see her again soon!